The new network for those who want to get to know Portugal from a very special side.

Now, it is possible to stay in places that were previously inaccessible to motorhome owners!

Portugal EasyCamp is the first network of motorhome farm stopovers in Portugal and a great way to visit, see and experience the Portuguese countryside in all its glory! With warm welcoming and products quality, customers feel privileged to be in such lovely places.

For foreigners, a nice surprise to be able to enjoy Portuguese hospitality also in "private" places, to taste typical products directly at the producer's and to have the opportunity to enter places full of history.

For people who are familiar with other European schemes like France Passion or Landvergnügen, this scheme will fit you. But slightly different in the model. Portugal EasyCamp’ is all online and there’s no need to pay any annual subscription or printed book. The website is easy to navigate and is user friendly. The motor homer books directly from the website and pays online, prior to arriving at the site, making sure it’s reserved for them.

The scheme works on a win-win relationship for both the motor homer and the Host. The motor homer receives a lovely package of products (produced from the Host and at farm shop price) and the Host receives revenue they would otherwise wouldn’t have, all for a 24 hours stopover.

All in one Portugal EasyCamp is an experience!

For the time being, the Hosts in the scheme includes wineries, olive oil producers, agricultural farms, rural tourism, and artisanal producers. Currently, there’s 51 Hosts online but keep an eye on new stopovers as there will be other some interesting places!

The quality is a must for us, that’s why we only take on partners who really offer good quality and a great experience for visitors.

Very appreciate from our customers the fact that all our activities are online on the site is also very pleasing, since people can choose the places directly on the map and sort the stages thanks to the filters according to their preferences: type of farm (agricultural, winery, culture, nature), available infrastructures (electricity, water, wc, bicycle circuit, possibility of hiking, if animals are allowed, shade, wifi...).

In some of the sites, you can get bread delivery in the morning, free seasonable fruit to pick up from the tree, helping animals feeding (kids most appreciated), or even the private BBQ is provided.

You’ll find out that most of the sites are set in the most stunning location. And to get there you can have a fabulous drive through stunning countryside.

New ideas are on the drawer just waiting for a more secure and healthy environment.

Those who fear the current virus and wish to apply social distancing to the letter say that this formula is ideal.

Enjoy the peace and beauty of nature in idyllic Hosts!

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