Our third motorhome trip (21.8.20 - 10.9.20) went this time to southern Norway. We were lucky, after two vacations had already been cancelled because of Corona, this time we were on the road in the right time window.

One week after our entry into Norway the borders were closed, but we were already there smile

Accordingly, it was empty there on the campsites. If we spent the night somewhere at a lake or fjord, there was always a place in the first row free.

The Geiranger Fjord completely without cruise ships is certainly something that will not be experienced again and remembered.

Certainly not the last time we are in Norway on the road.

If you feel like retracing the trip, you are welcome to do so on our site:

Also in 2021 we were on the road at the right time, but more about that later in another blog.

I hope the travel reports please and give suggestions.

Greetings JuMa

After making a few other trips since the last WoMo trip in 2015 to France, we went to Croatia in 2019 with a WoMo from our trusted rental company. Planned was a coastal tour from the northernmost part of Croatia to.....(as far as we get without stress).

We had thought that it would certainly not be so hot in June, until the first days of July, but far from it. Conclusion: our own ordered WoMo has air conditioning cool

A very nice trip, which will certainly not be the last to this area. Especially the trips into the hinterland were great!

If you are interested you can read about it at:

Greetings from rainy Dortmund

(there it is fun to rummage in memories of warm summer days)

Juliane and Martin (JuMa)

Hello all,

We are new here in the community and already have some experience with motorhomes. So far only rentals but since 2015 we are infected and have now ordered our first own motorhome. Delivery hopefully in the spring. It is a Mooveo 60EB.

We have started to publish our travel reports (written like a travel diary) on our own homepage, so that our loved ones at home can share our travels. We usually write daily, so you know where we are.

In total there are now 4 trips with motorhomes, the first was a Tour de France in 2015. If you want to follow the journey just have a look here:

If you like it, we would also link the other travel reports about motorhomes here.

We would be happy to receive feedback and suggestions.


Juliane and Martin (JuMa)

With the motorhome for two weeks through France, with consistent, beautiful and late summer weather with pleasant temperatures and sunshine. The time of the biggest hustle and bustle of the high season is over and the most popular tourist attractions can be enjoyed relaxed. An all around successful tour. But read for yourself ...


We have never been to Sardinia and many had already told us about the wonderful landscape. In most guidebooks the tours in Sardinia are always described from Livorno to Olbia and "clockwise".


Choose from many different types and sizes exactly the gas tank system that suits you and meets your requirements. Whether crash sensor or remote refueling, you will find it with us.

You will receive your new system ready installed, including gas testing and TÜV / Dekra acceptance.


Originally it was supposed to be Switzerland, but due to the weather it was decided to go to Italy. One look at a well-known app and the destination of the trip was already fixed. The Ahrntal and as a stopover Sterzing.


A week of vacation and like every year we want to spend it again in our favorite region South Tyrol, more precisely on the campsite in Kaltern am See.


Club members receive a 10% discount on the full range of goods


The date for the meeting in Lofer has now arrived.This morning we started in Vorarlberg. We preferred the highway because we wanted to be in Lofer quite early.


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